Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Earnings Reports 7-16-19

Goldman Sachs Group Inc GS Stock Chart 7.16.19 Before Earnings

Goldman Sachs Group Inc GS Stock Chart 7.16.19 Before Earnings

Goldman Sachs Q2 Earnings Preview

Goldman Sachs Group GS 0.02% unveils its next round of earnings this Tuesday, July 16. Over the last 52-week period, shares of Goldman Sachs have declined 5.84%. Given that these returns are generally negative, long-term shareholders are probably a little upset going into this earnings release.

Long-term shareholders are already wary of 12-month losses prior to the announcement. Benzinga’s everything-that-matters guide for the earnings announcement.

JPMorgan Chase Earnings Preview: Outperforming Its Peers

From a fundamental perspective, JPMorgan has outperformed the peers that I mentioned earlier. The company has been able to grow earnings at a rate of 18% per year over the last three years and they grew by 17% in the first quarter.

During this same time period, sales increased by 11% per year and they were up by 13% in the first quarter.

This is what everybody is getting wrong about the banks

“There’s a lot of talk that this Fed dovishness could be bad for banks. That’s not what matters to banks.

What matters to banks is the difference between the short end and the long end” of the yield curve, Gina Sanchez, CEO of Chantico Global, said Friday on CNBC’s “Trading Nation. ”

Finding Edges In Markets

Might the greatest impediment to trading success be the *need* to trade? Might the greatest opportunities exist at time frames no one looks at?

What if the rise of algorithms (which often draw upon large data samples to learn patterns) has combined with the risk aversion of portfolio managers and the needs of day traders to create markets that are most efficient on short time frames?

Pete Renzulli

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